Professional Management of Public Areas

Uniformed guards a visibly
capable deterrent

Social scientists have long demonstrated that people in uniform act as a good deterrent, but only if the uniform is professional and worn with authority – a well-turned-out uniformed Prestige Protection guard is a good choice where a visible presence is required.

Uniformed guards help keep a business safe 24 hours seven days a week because, in addition to acting as a deterrent, they are also highly trained and capable of dealing with crime, disturbances and other emergencies quickly and efficiently.

For example, an alert Prestige Protection guard recently saved a client’s premises from being destroyed by fire when he noticed that a burning light had fallen on to some clothing.

To complement their visibility and observation skills, Prestige Protection’s uniformed guards practise a friendly, approachable style of public engagement, which enables them to assess the business of the person and any potential security threats inconspicuously – without causing any undue alarm.Talk to Prestige Protection today about a risk management audit to determine what type of security service best meets your situation.

Services include:

  • Corporate function security
  • Protection from unplanned media attention
  • Consulting on security measures
  • Staff training
  • Site access control
  • Passive security measures i.e. bollards, lighting, gates, signage
  • Complete assessments of potential risks
  • Emergency and crisis action planning
  • Special event management
  • On call 24 hours
  • Fire, accident or burglary scene guarding
  • Looting prevention
  • Media control at your premises, home or court

Suited guards provide a discreet,
but serious presence

Security personnel in business suits offer clients a number of features and benefits, depending on what is required.

While suited security guards are also an effective deterrent, their presence does make a statement about the exclusivity of the event.

Suited guards are very effective tools when it is important to send a message, or portray a certain image – sometimes the unstated is what makes the biggest statement.

That said, Prestige Protection staff can also work with minimal visibility or unobserved in the background, if that is required.

In certain situations where diplomacy and politics is an issue – such as providing protection from protestors or preventing disruption from hecklers (while avoiding giving offence or eliciting public comment) – a suited Prestige Protection guard is the perfect choice.

Prestige Protection personnel are available for:

  • Short and long term protection details
  • Special events and functions
  • VIP visits and tours
  • Obligation free security assessments
  • After hours escort of staff
  • Suite door guards
  • Talk to us today to learn more about our reliable, resourceful and responsive suited security services