Concierge Services

Professional Management of Public Areas

A Prestige Protection concierge is impeccably dressed, polite, educated and trained to deal with all manner of situations quickly, discreetly and efficiently – it’s all about making a positive first impression.

A good concierge is the solution to almost all problems that may arise in public areas, including trespassers, delinquent pedestrians and petty thieves, mitigating industrial espionage risks and re-directing lost members of the public.

Trained to deal with the public and to assess security risks through conversation, a Prestige Protection concierge, working closely with company management, makes it his or her business to understand the situation, the building and the dynamics intimately.

Trained in public relations, our front-desk concierge staff can be relied on to treat you and your visitors with the utmost courtesy, while making sure you, your guests and property are well looked after.

Concierge services include:

  • Prevention of unauthorised access to the building
  • Visible presence, professional, polite and courteous
  • Providing timely and accurate information and emergency assistance
  • Visitor vetting
  • Safeguarding of keys and access technology
  • General enquires, lost and found items, security alerts