Going Beyond the call of duty at Wiri Oil Terminal

Prestige Protection provides Wiri Oil Terminal with site protection. This includes vetting visitors, site security and vehicle checks.

Guards are also responsible for ensuring that visitors are wearing the correct personal protection equipment, and they patrol the dangerous goods zone to check that there’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Consulate requires sensitive
security presence

The Australian Consulate General in Auckland processes between 50 and 500 people on a daily basis. Prestige Protection provides security guards to the Consulate and their role ranges from searches and crowd control to working with the occasional visitor who has a mental illness.

Being a Consulate that handles visa approvals (and disapprovals), the rare occasion arises from time to time when the guards are called on to diplomatically handle angry or disruptive visitors.

"We certainly found Prestige Protection to be very pro-active and our company has had occasions to give awards to some of their guards for going beyond the call of duty."
Mitchel Roe, Health Safety and Security
Co-ordinator Wiri Oil Terminal