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Prestige Protection has a high ratio of managers to clients to ensure a close working relationship that focuses on satisfying client needs. We have not bought our growth – we have grown by providing high quality service and results because maintaining our clients is our priority.

In addition to rigorous training and continuous up-skilling, Prestige Protection team members undergo a rigorous selection process. As a result, we find staff is often drawn from Police or the military services.

Peter King

Managing Director


Barry Pickering

Security Manager


Peter King

Over the past 20 years Managing Director Peter King has built a successful business based on one simple core priority – to deliver a quality service.

“I’ve always believed ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’, which is why we work extremely hard to retain existing customers. To do that successfully we manage our customer relationships pro-actively rather than re-actively” says Peter.

With a highly successful business background predominantly in the commercial cleaning industry Peter, along with other directors, purchased Prestige Protection because they recognised a market niche for a boutique company that offers a high quality service to their customers.

Peter brings to the table a ‘hands on’ approach to the Prestige team by personally managing client relationships. This management approach empowers Prestige Protection to build and sustain long term strategic partnerships which are ultimately beneficial to both parties.

Many of the business practises that made his cleaning business one of the best in the country Peter has applied to the security business with equally great success.

Barry Pickering

Barry Pickering - Prestige Protection security Manager

After 3 years at Canterbury University Barry joined the NZ Police in Christchurch and later transferred to Gisborne CIB where as a Detective Sergeant he held the role of Crime Prevention Officer for the Gisborne District along with his other general duties.

Transferring to Otahuhu CIB, Barry was promoted to Detective Senior Sergeant and spent half of his 23 year career in the Police supervising and controlling often large groups of Detectives and other personnel engaged on some or other serious crime. These last three years were as Officer in Charge of the Henderson District CIB.

During these years, Barry was involved in many confrontational situations such as the nuclear protests; the well known ‘Springbok Tour’ protests; and many many more of a lesser nature. He also had to plan, organise, and command a large number of operations often involving large numbers of personel.

On promotion to Inspector at Auckland Central Barry held the portfolio of Officer in Charge of Civil Defence for the Auckland Region as well as running a section of Police and civilian officers.

During his Police experience Barry became skilled at dealing with the general public – both good and bad – and became an effective controller of personnel under his direction. He also developed public relation skills and recognises the importance of forming good working relationships.

After leaving the Police, Barry joined United Cleaning Services at Auckland International Airport where he accepted responsibility for running the (then) biggest cleaning contract in New Zealand with up to 160 employees and 40 + contracts of greatly varying nature.

Barry was there for 13 years before being ‘headhunted’ and taking up the position of Marina Manager at Pine Harbour Marina. He was again ‘headhunted’ and became the Business Development Manager building the Hobbs Wharf boutique marina off Gulf Harbour Marina.

When Gulf Corporation Limited went in to receivership, Barry joined Prestige Protection as the Security manager.

"Britomart Group has developed a strong professional relationship with Prestige and is always pleased with the standard of the services provided.Our resident concierge often receives very positive comments."
Stuart Tomlinson,
Operations Manager, Britomart